Ancestry of
Sylvia Hathaway Hoyt

The earliest known emigration is 1621 therefore there are numerous branches and it is quite difficult to trace them all.  Sylvia's Hoyt family appears to have emigrated in 1628.  The Hoyt name is German and it is known that they were in England in the 1500's.  Sylvia was told that her Hoyt family fled Germany to escape from an "unjust war".  It is known that She has French ancestors that fled France in the 1500's to escape from the religious wars that were going on, at that time, between the Catholics and Protestants.  This appears to be a likely origin of the Hoyt family in England.  The Hathaway family emigrated from England around 1638.  It is known that Sylvia has another German branch , Weigand, and they appear to have emigrated around 1710.  Sylvia also has ancestors, Mitchell and Reynnells, that emigrated from Ireland in 1695.  The Irish emigration was due to political problems in the 1690's when laws were passed discriminating against the Presbyterians.
Sylvia's family emigrated from Europe to the New World.
Sylvia was born 26 January 1900 in Downs, Oklahoma.  Her father was William Hoyt and her mother was Frances Hathaway.  Both of Sylvia's parents were born in Michigan.  William became ill and the family moved back to Michigan in 1906.
This picture is labeled Hathaway homestead and it is Sylvia's handwriting.  I think this is the house of Luther & Caroline (Cobb) Hathaway.  They lived in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.  It was probably taken in 1884 before Caroline died and after the son, Willis, got married.  Pictured are Luther, Caroline, Adeline & Adelaide.
Sylvia & her brother, Lynn, about 1911 in Porter Township, Michigan.
Porter # 8 School, Sylvia front frow second from right about 1908.
Sylvia at Lawton High School in 1912.  Sylvia is in the third row from the front and the second girl from the right.
Lawton High School in Lawton, Van Vuren County, Michigan.
Sylvia in 1921.
Sylvia on her honeymoon, in Niagara Falls with her husband, Harry Fisher.  They were married 21 August 1921.
Sylvia on her honeymoon.
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Hathaway Family Portrait in 1903

Standing:  Mary Adelle Hathaway Fenn, Harley Wyman, Gladys Wyman Hutchins, George Hathaway, Fern Fenn, Cecil Wyman, & Frances Hathaway Hoyt

Seated:  William Fenn holding Sylvia Hoyt, Mary Baker Hathaway, & William Hoyt holding Lynn Hoyt
The children of Harry & Sylvia Hoyt Fisher.
Howard & Harry Fisher 1925
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